Our quality consultants can conduct on-site audits at your facility or your vendor's facility to verify compliance with regulations, policies and purchase order requirements.  These audits can also identify process improvements that can be made to improve effectiveness. Kinetix Quality Services' consultants have conducted audits at nuclear facilities, gas pipeline companies, and coal-burning power plants over the last 20 years.


Nuclear Audits

Nuclear Quality Assurance Audits

Kinetix Quality Services' auditors are certified as lead auditors in accordance with ANSI N45.2.23 - 1978 and/or NQA-1 2S-3. Our auditors have extensive experience conducting internal quality assurance audits of operations, maintenance, training and engineering activities, as well as vendor QA audits and commercial grade surveys.

Our auditors are very well versed in the use of the NUPIC and NIAC Audit checklists used for conducting vendor audits.

Supervised Auditor-in-Training Audits

Kinetix Quality Services' can assist with certifying your lead auditors by providing supervised audits with your prospective lead auditors. We will provide a documented performance evaluation so that you can monitor the progress of your auditors. These audits are conducted with:

  • Your Audits
  • Your Personnel
  • Our Audit Team Leaders

Gas Audits

Kinetix Quality Services provides QA consulting services to Natural Gas utilities to assist them in complying with federal and state pipeline regulations.

Gas Quality Assurance Audits

Kinetix Quality Services' auditors have over 15 years experience conducting internal quality assurance audits of compliance with natural gas pipeline regulations (49CFR192).

These audits include:

  • Operator Qualification
  • Integrity Management Programs More
  • Corrosion Control
  • Leak Surveys & Patrols
  • Leak Repair
  • Valve Inspections
  • Regulating Station Inspections
  • Damage Prevention
  • Inactive Services
  • Personnel Safety
  • Plastic Fusion & Inspection
  • RP-1162 Public Awarenesss More

These audits frequently identify areas for improvement that can enhance process flow, documentation and process efficiency.


Stray Voltage Audits

Kinetix Quality Services can provide QA consulting services to New York State utilities to assist them in complying with the New York State PSC Order on Stray Voltage Inspection and Testing. We have been providing stray voltage auditing services to Central Hudson Gas & Electric since 2005.