Integrity Management Program Regulations

The Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) issued changes to the Code of
Federal Regulations 49CFR192 which pertain to the pipeline integrity
management of all gas transmission lines in the United States. Each of
these rules are enforced by the applicable State Regulatory

The rules require operators to develop and follow an integrity
management program to insure the safe operation of the lines.
These programs must include the continuous evaluation of the line
through internal inspections (ILI), pressure testing and "Direct
Assessment"(DA). The rules further dictate special attention must
immediately be given to establishing the High Consequence Areas
(HCA) along each line. The timetable for implementation of each of
these rules is contained it the rule itself.

OPS has developed Protocols to be used to audit each utilities'
compliance with the new regulations.  These audits will be conducted
by members of each state's Regulatory Commission.
Kinetix Quality Services - Integrity Management Auditing
Integrity Management Program Audits

Kinetix Quality Services' can conduct an audit of your
Integrity Management Program using the same Protocols developed for
use by the regulatory inspectors.  In this way, we can identify areas for
improvement, giving you an opportunity to correct these issues prior to
your regulatory inspection.

Let us be the extra set of eyes to examine your program!