Public Awareness Program Regulations

Liquid and Gas Pipeline Operators are required by regulations in Parts 192 and 195
to have a written continuing public education program or public awareness program
(PAP) in accordance with the general program recommendations in the American
Petroleum Institute’s (API) Recommended Practice (RP) 1162.

This PAP is required to specify how the operator will conduct self-assessments
(annual audits) and effectiveness evaluations.

OPS has developed Protocols to be used to inspect each utilities' compliance with
these regulations.  These inspections will be conducted by members of PHMSA
or each state's Regulatory Commission.

RP 1162 Program Audits

Kinetix Quality Services can conduct an audit of your Public Awareness
Program using the same Protocols developed for use by the regulatory inspectors. 
In this way, we can identify areas for improvement, giving you an opportunity to
correct these issues prior to your regulatory inspection.

Let us be the extra set of eyes to examine your program!