Nuclear QA Lead Auditor Training Class - Frequently Asked Questions

I have not participated on any audits yet. Can I take the class now or do I have to wait?

The training requirement for certification can be fulfilled at any time during the process. The students in our classes range in experience from newly hired QA people to experienced auditors.

How do I get certified after I complete the course?

In order to become certified the following requirements must be met:

  • Achieve 10 points using the scoring system defined in ANSI N45.2.23 and/or NQA-1. Points are given based on an individual's education, experience, professional certifications and rights of management.
  • Attend Lead Auditor Training
  • Demonstrate both the written and oral communication skills necessary to function effectively as a lead auditor
  • Perform 5 audits within a 3 year period prior to the date of certification. One of these 5 audits must be a nuclear QA audit conducted within one year of the date of certification.

Who does the certification?

  • Each company with lead auditors normally has a certification procedure. In that procedure, the company will designate an individual within the company as the certification authority (normally the QA Manager). The certification authority will sign the certifications for the lead auditors in the company.
  • Kinetix can help you with the development of a certification process/procedure, if you do not have one already.

My company does not have any lead auditors yet. How do we get our 5 participation audits in if we have no one certified to lead them?

You have a couple choices:

  • Find someone that is performing an audit outside of your company that will let you participate on the audit team as an Auditor-in-Training.
  • Hire a consultant to lead audits for your company (internal or vendor audits) that you can participate on. Kinetix can provide these services if needed.

Is there any pre-study that I should do to get ready for the class?

No pre-course work is necessary. Becoming familiar with the 18 criteria of 10 CFR 50, Appendix B may be helpful.

When does the class end on the last day?

The class is 4½ Days in duration. We plan to have you out the door by noon on Friday.

Can I pay for the course by credit card?

Yes. After registering on line. you will find a link to the PayPal website. Just enter your name in the student name field then hit the "Buy Now" button to use your card to pay the tuition.